LA Tribe Fastpitch

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This is for an Louisiana Softball Travel Ball team organization.
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    Logo Name
    LA Tribe Fastpitch
    Company Intro
    This is for an Louisiana Softball Travel Ball team organization.
    Teal,Grey, white and black are the color. We want the "T" to be standalone logo in the cirlce with feathers or arrowhead/arrow? Lousiana Tribe Fastpictch around the circle. Not 100% on the font attached. I like the examples selected, but want to see "TRIBE" name with the Logo "T" to be used on uniforms, Flyers, Banners etc. *Include the softball in the logo.

    Reference Samples

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  • Levi DeLeon18 days ago
    We will want at One logo and one full name to put on jerseys. I have selected you two because we really like the font of these names. The Logo will be a circular logo with the "T" from the main text surrounded by LA(Louisiana) fastpitch. We will definitely need the colors to be Teal for the font and the rest could be a variation of grey or black. This is a softball team, but I the yellow doesn't match very well with teal, so we are ok with the ball being a version of grey or white with grey/teal laces.
  • Levi DeLeon18 days ago
    Colors: Teal(Tribe), white, black, grey
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