Centurion Matting Products

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Power Companies, Oil and Gas, Major Project Construction
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    Logo Name
    Centurion Matting Products
    Company Intro
    Power Companies, Oil and Gas, Major Project Construction
    Colour Codes for blue and gold. Blue: CMYK: 85/18/0/21 RGB: 0083b7 and Gold: CMYK: 0/20/90/17 RGB: d9ae2b We want the logo to be the same as the ones attached below. Simple changes noted on the attachments. Please use the colours that match the blue and gold. Thinking the main Logo will be the "Centurion Matting Products Simple" file with the edit of LUMBER to MATTING PRODUCTS, but want to see how it would look with the bear and mountains logo "Centurion Matting Products".
    Centurion Lumber Logo.jpg
    Centurion Matting Products Simple.jpg
    Centurion Matting Products.jpg
    Centurion Lumber Logo.eps
    Centurion Lumber Retro Logo.eps
    RetroLogo.ai (final)
    RetroLogo.eps (final)
    Bear Valley Solutions Inc..pdf
    Bear Valley Solutions Inc-01.jpg
    Bear Head 1.jpeg
    Bear Head 2.jpeg
    Bear Head.webp
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