Elkader Sweet Corn Days

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Summer Festival - all ages/families [small-town summer fun]
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    Elkader Sweet Corn Days
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    Summer Festival - all ages/families [small-town summer fun]
    Sweet Corn Days - Elkader, Iowa -corn must somehow be incorporated into the design -wanting a more whimsical [hand-drawn] or retro/bubbly style -neutral colors, yet with a splash of fun/summer/retro blends -happy vibes -looking for a trendy, statement logo that pleases all ages -less is sometimes more with keeping simplicity in mind for a clean look -the double keystone bridge is very historical to Elkader - not crucial that it is in the design, but something that could be considered -needs to be able to be used to print on clothing, posters/signage, social media, etc. [see attached photo for examples] **Palm trees are in some example photos but just for the style. we don't have palm trees in Iowa so would not want them in the design. Possibly replaced with cornstalks.

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