Palm Beach MQG Mod Squad

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Quilting guild in South Florida
  • Design Brief18 days ago
    Logo Name
    Palm Beach MQG Mod Squad
    Company Intro
    Quilting guild in South Florida
    The "Mod Squad" is a 70's movie. Please use 70's writing, look up "Mod Squad". Logo should be circular and include "Palm Beach MQG Mod Squad" 70's style and have a sewing machine or quilt. The shadow of the "Mod squad" would be great as in the attached example. Logo should be fun. you can use our other logo as reference
    Screenshot 2024-03-27 at 4.53.09 PM.png
    Palm Beach MQG 2024 Temperature Quilt Team_Final_LF_300-01.jpg

    Reference Samples

  • Susan Skatoff17 days ago
    Please use a retro, hippie 70's font. Wording should be : Palm Beach MQG Mod Squad. I like the shadow of the original Mod Squad cast with a sewing machine.
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