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This is a personal fish camp in Kenai, Alaska with recreational guests for salmon fishing
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    Logo Name
    Xander Camp
    Company Intro
    This is a personal fish camp in Kenai, Alaska with recreational guests for salmon fishing
    The X in Xander, I would like to have one or two fishing poles crossing to make up the X (I didn't like the fish crossing, it was too much). The C in Camp I would like to be a salmon (with enough detail to know it is a salmon species) with the tail on the bottom (almost 3D looking). Include Kenai, Alaska. I have drawn what I had somewhat in mind, but I can't draw, so hoping you can create something much better. I was also thinking maybe the fishing line can outline the state of AK in the background, or just line under the words. the X and the C needs to be more of the focus/ emphasized with the letters slightly smaller, but still so it reads Xander Camp clearly. I was thinking Kenai, AK could be on the rod holders or maybe just under the name. Also, I think I like Xander Camp on the same line but am not opposed to one on top of the other if the words are the same size.
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