Hawkeye Lawn & Landscape

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We are a Lawncare-Landscaping and dirtwork company
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    Logo Name
    Hawkeye Lawn & Landscape
    Company Intro
    We are a Lawncare-Landscaping and dirtwork company
    Colors-Definetely a bright green for some accents-Possibly red or black bordering or more green for the border. For the equipment colors i like either kubota orange or caterpiller yellow. I also like a natural look Would possibly like a skyline or mountains inside the shape. For the shape I want something similiar to the palmer or back country image. For the equipment in the picture I want a sit down zero turn lawn mower-To go with the mower I want either a excavator or a skidsteer, Possibly both I like the PALMER font for Hawkeye, for Lawn & Landscape surprise me with the font. Additional Notes: Some low grass near the mower Possibly some dirt around the other piece of equipment. I like the glossy/bling colors look I really like the rileys image, I want the mower/lawncare idea to stand out a bit more(Meaning have the mower very visible Maybe some striped grass on the mower side. Maybe green font for Hawkeye. I dont know a whole lot about image files but i need to be able to shrink and expand image for business card size and for large sign size
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