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3D Print Service
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    Logo Name
    3DPrint Vlaanderen
    Company Intro
    3D Print Service
    current website https://www.3dprint.vlaanderen - want to have a logo which fits on back background and good for transparent use. should be vibrant and appealing

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    Hans Hantson3 months ago
    Looking forward to see some cool designs. May audience both professional and consumers
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    Hans Hantson3 months ago
    I like an approach where the symbol/icon is before the text. In this way it can be easily added to website and other media
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    Hans Hantson3 months ago
    please incorporate the slogan as well - Breng uw ideeën tot leven.
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    Hans Hantson3 months ago
    Thank you, everyone, for all your efforts so far! It is greatly appreciated.
  • Euto selected as finalist!3 months ago
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