Elite Camper Repair

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Mobile Camper Repair
  • Design Brief18 days ago
    Logo Name
    Elite Camper Repair
    Company Intro
    Mobile Camper Repair
    Silver Chrome and Metallic/Electric Blue Lettering. The word "Elite" should be capitalized and be Metallic/Electric Blue in Color and "Camper Repair" should be silver chrome in color. The logo will be placed on the side of a white trailer so we prefer that it not have a lot of black coloring in the background. If a camper image is used we prefer it to only be a silhouette or partial camper and not a full camper image. A design that portrays the font to appear to be something like a racing font is preferred.
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    Amy Huffman18 days ago
    I can be reached at: [email protected] if there are questions on the design.
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