Strongman Athletics Club Kapuskasing

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Strongman Club - anyone interested in strength sports and functional fitness.
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    Logo Name
    Strongman Athletics Club Kapuskasing
    Company Intro
    Strongman Club - anyone interested in strength sports and functional fitness.
    traditional - clean - old school - raw - start with black and grey with a touch of blue - maybe in the eyes of the skull I'll supply or just on the out line of something like the husafell stone - would like to be able to add colour later on if needed - would like it to definitely include a strongman log and husafell stone. Would like to see examples that include possibly a strongman axle bar, a curved "elephant bar" which is a 10ft barbell, and circus dumbell - Want the "c" and "k" in the acronym SMACK to show as one letter - I'll add a drawing - This logo is being based off of our CrossFit gym logo - Rock Box CrossFit Kapuskasing, as the strongman club is a division of that, so definitely want our skull from our CrossFit logo included - Want to have Est. 2022 in the logo - I'll also include our CrossFit logo - Would like to see examples with the outline of a husafell stone as the background as in my prototype - Like the colours and font on the Broad Street Barbell logo on your site that I included - In my prototypes I did with cut outs, I included Kapuskasing in the "circle" I would like to also see just Strongman Athletics Club in the circle, and Kapuskasing somewhere else.
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