The Mystery of BIG RED

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7 months ago
Vintage Car Racing. To advertise and sell my vintage car hauler I'm producing a short video. Need a simple logo for the 30 second movie trailer intro.
  • Design Brief8 months ago
    Logo Name
    The Mystery of BIG RED
    Company Intro
    Vintage Car Racing. To advertise and sell my vintage car hauler I'm producing a short video. Need a simple logo for the 30 second movie trailer intro.
    Typography only. No background shapes. Flourishes and race graphics such as flags considered but not required. Colors allowed RED, WHITE and and GOLD... outlines and shadows in black and grey welcomed. Use red sparingly... don't overpower the logo with massive amounts of red. The words "BIG RED" need to be bold and fun and be the leading visual. There will be a overlay ( banner or flourish ) that reads "The Mystery of" and that will sit at the bottom of the logo. REMEMBER... My truck is a 1966 classic, not a zippy 2024 model. THINK RETRO. Have Fun...!
    The Mystery of.jpg
    The Mystery of UPDATE.jpg

    Reference Samples

  • Randy Baker8 months ago
    20 minutes into the ball game and every submission ( thanks for the effort ) has a modern year 2020 high tech look. My baby's a 1966 Ford C-Series classic truck. Looking for a old school vintage feel... think think think retro. Thank you all..!
  • Randy Baker8 months ago
    I'm outside working on air brakes on my big truck so I'm very sorry I haven't had time to give lots of critique for the efforts. If you've received some sort of oomment from me let that be a sign you are in the front of the race..! More time tonight. Thank you... everyone.
  • Herquis selected as finalist!8 months ago
  • Randy Baker8 months ago
    Thank you...!
  • Randy Baker8 months ago
    On the left image... I took the lasso tool and shortened the word "BIG" so that it matches the word "RED". I"ve posted the original to the right as reference. I've looked that this for 24 hours and I'm pretty sure I like having both words the same size. I especially like the step down visually from one word to the next.
    winner type revision.jpg
  • Randy Baker8 months ago
    Getting close. 3 images on this file.
    rev 2.jpg
  • Randy Baker8 months ago
    I can see the finish line...!!!!
    The Mystery BRIGHT YELLOW.jpg
  • Randy Baker8 months ago
    See how the I'm being asked to select the design that's 2 weeks old. I did not click on that design I clciked on design "C". Just want you to have the correct logo show up in your records / portfolio.
    boo boo.jpg
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