Roberts Overhead Door, LLC

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Home owners. They fix, maintain, or repair, and install new garage doors.
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    Logo Name
    Roberts Overhead Door, LLC
    Company Intro
    Home owners. They fix, maintain, or repair, and install new garage doors.
    1.) Modern look 2.) Contemporary fonts used. Nothing old or dated. Only san-serif fonts used please. Utilize a contrast of thicker bold font for the name "ROBERTS" and then maybe thinner fonts for the "Open Door, LLC" and also the slogan line. 3.) Use a conceptual-looking house and/or garage door for the artwork. NOT CLIP-ART! We want a CONCEPTUAL LOGO image! 4.) Possibly use the "E" in the name "ROBERTS" to be the garage door? Play around with different ideas of how exactly to incorporate a conceptual image of the garage door and working it into the name "ROBERTS" somehow, ya know? 5.) Top Line: "ROBERTS" in a large san serif font, whether it be thin or thick. Middle Line: "Overhead Door, LLC" Bottom Line Slogan: "We install the BEST and service the REST." 6.) Colors used: Duke Blue, and Carolina Blue (Google them if you need to.) =) This business is here right around the Raleigh, NC area, where Durham and Chapel Hill are at, the universities Duke and UNC... 7.) This logo will immediately be used first thing, on t-shirts and polo shirts, so, it needs to look well going onto the breast pocket of a shirt. 8.) ALL of that text HAS to be incorporated into the logo somehow, and adding in a conceptual image of a home and/or garage door... I have added ideas we thought were kind of cool we found on the internet. Please look at them before starting your designs. Thanks!!!

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