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Charity Event
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    Cowboys and Angels
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    Charity Event
    Florida State University Seminoles and University of Miami are big rivals. Every year we host a charity event during the match up football game. This year we are hoping to add a logo for this event to be used on t-shirts and a banner. I'd like the 2 mascots represented (or could be football players in uniform) in the design. The mascot of the University of Miami is an Ibis bird. I'd like him to be the Ibis mascot dressed as a Cowboy Villain figure. Florida State University's mascot is an Indian Chief. I'd like for him to somehow be indicated as the Angel of the two. The name of our event is "Cowboys and Angels". So one team (UM) is the Cowboy and the Seminole is the Angel for purposes of this logo. I'd love for this to be a fun design preferably with a cartoon character design and football related, if possible.
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