Charlie's Performance Racing & Restoration Inc.

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    Charlie's Performance Racing & Restoration Inc.
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    Charlie's Performance Racing & Restoration Inc
    We are a new repair shop specializing in performance quality and restoration of Dirtbike/ATV's. We want to target the motorsports industry. On the bottom of the shirt,I would like to have a dirtbike riding out of the dirt/mud or a dirtbike with splash in the background like the shirts I have listed below. The back of the shirt should have the logo, contact number and Instagram page info.The dirtbike can also be incorporated on the business cards as well.I am open to adding some color, just not red.
    Screenshot_20230913_194207_Samsung Internet.jpg
    Screenshot_20230913_202200_Samsung Internet.jpg
    Screenshot_20230913_210153_Samsung Internet.jpg
    Screenshot_20230913_214042_Samsung Internet.jpg
    Screenshot_20230913_214208_Samsung Internet.jpg
    Screenshot_20230913_215839_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Business card

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  • Charles Davidson9 months ago
    I was thinking, for the back of the Tee, if you could put a dirt bike from the side view with the addition of some trees in the background, behind the dirt bike. I will attach some pictures. The first attachment with the green shop door and yellow bike; is the bike i would like you to use please. The second attachment is jut for reference in the direction I would like to go in with the trees and bike.
  • Charles Davidson9 months ago
    Please keep my logo on the back of the tee and you can put your drawings below the logo please. The same place you were doing it with the last bike please.
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