Nick La Croix Clothing Company

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Luxury Shoes, Apparel and accessories.
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  • Design Brief5 months ago
    Logo Name
    Nick La Croix Clothing Company
    Company Intro
    Luxury Shoes, Apparel and accessories.
    Use the image drawn on a napkin in black background and blue like the "bonafide" pic, as well as blue and white background. also need images on the background colors I've included. these will be used on the tongue of the shoes (examples shown). Make the image pop. black and white versions needed also. Think bold, classic Luxury. I am competing with Versace, fendi, prada etc.. The latest in French/Italian clothinging/ shoes/ apparel branding.

    Reference Samples

  • Nick La Croix5 months ago
    Rose Gold and Blue is of interest, I forgot to include the idea.
  • Nick La Croix5 months ago
    I like what I'm seeing so far, my team will be narrowing down the most popular selections. Remember, this logo will be used as the label of Shoes, accessories, and clothing. Rose Gold seems to be what the team gravitates to the most. (EITHER BLACK OR WHITE BACKGROUND) The branding must look polished, yet inviting. A portion of all sales will go toward a few charities focused on children battling cancer. The owner is also an actor/musician.. so IMAGERY is everything. Thank you.
  • Nick La Croix5 months ago
    Also, "Nick La Croix" is all that is needed. "Clothing Company" is not necessary. Yes, its in the name of the company, DBA, but not needed as a logo.
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