Royalty Produce

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Wholesale Vegtables.
  • Design Briefa month ago
    Logo Name
    Royalty Produce
    Company Intro
    Wholesale Vegtables.
    My client is very specific in what they want to see. Colours to be majority Royal Blue with some black. He wants the portrait of her husand (attached) turned in to a silhouette outlines and a crown to be put on his head. The words Royalty Produce should also be seen.
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    Reference Samples

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    Tonya month ago
    Crown is attached here
    Logo_Royalty Produce_Rev1.pdf
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    Tony25 days ago
    This is the one they like we just want to see once small adjustment. Can we move the crown to the place of the "o" in Royalty to see how that would look. Once we see that we will either pick one or the other to complete this job.
    Royalty Produce Logo_NewFinal.pdf
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