"America's Furniture Warehouse" abbreviated logo (AFW, A)

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all ages from basically 25-65
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    Logo Name
    "America's Furniture Warehouse" abbreviated logo (AFW, A)
    Company Intro
    all ages from basically 25-65
    I want the exact logo I have(the abbreviate A logo + the abbreviated AFW logo + original logo), with a South Carolina twist. I want the outline of the South Carolina state around the logo, and instead of a star on the top left below roof outline I want a moon logo, and the star to the right of the A I would like a palm tree to resemble the "South Carolina Palmetto logo" with the palm tree and state outline around my logo. Send me multiple edits and colors
    AFW 1.jpg
    AFW 1.psd
    AFW 2.jpg
    AFW 2A-logo.jpg
    AFW 3 BLACK.jpg
    AFW 3.pdf
    AFW 3A.jpg
    AFW 3B.pdf
    sc palmetto logo 2.png
    sc palmetto logo.jpg

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