Teen Leadership Camp

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A Christian Camp for teenagers. Name of it and name of the logo is "Teen Leadership Camp" or "TLC"
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    Logo Name
    Teen Leadership Camp
    Company Intro
    A Christian Camp for teenagers. Name of it and name of the logo is "Teen Leadership Camp" or "TLC"
    The client wants this exact same leaf used and incorporated in this logo, so, it will need to be retraced in Illustrator first, to get the native .EPS of course. Like, they want THIS exact same leaf, because this is a logo they already use in their ministry for a different Camp... They want the logos to be similar in "style" but not identical. This set of green leaves would help to tie them both together. But, the fonts used do not hafta match. They want this new logo to look similar to this other one I have uploaded here, but not at all identical. They just wanna copy the leaves, everything else need to look and feel like a different camp logo. They wanna go with the color palette of Green, Gray, Tans, Yellows... Use the EXACT SAME green leaf in this logo I uploaded, the larger green leaves. Can try both of them together, or just using the larger one. I think they wanna use both leaves together as one image. But, they want the same leaves used in this new logo. They'd like to have the words: "Serving, Discipleship, Commitment" implemented in this logo either as a circle around the logo or somewhere else. Those three characters are our trademark teaching points every year in some way, form, or fashion. They do NOT want to abbreviate the camp name down to just using "TLC" ... They actually want the entire logo name all spelled out, "TEEN LEADERSHIP CAMP" and they do NOT want "kiddish fonts" used. They do not want it to "look too young" for little kids, since this is a camp for teenagers, ya know?
    Living Water Logo.pdf

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