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    ProSpeed Offroad
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    ProSpeed Offroad
    T-shirt: I would like your spin on the mud tire logo for our t-shirt art. I didnt like the tire tracks, I felt like they could have been more like a mud tire. Image labeled "PSO". Windshield banner: I’d like to keep PROSPEED the same block, but need to made OFFROAD without a frame and in Silver. Excited to see what you come up with. Image labeled "IMG_9770.jpeg" Profile Image: For the Social media icon, I’d like a gear and perforated steel as in main logo, but the PSO like in the logo. We are open to your interpretation, but we definitely want the P in blue to match. Image labeled "IMG_9771.jpeg"
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    Profile image
    Windshield decal

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  • Jason Cenora9 months ago
    Please read my description. I need the look, the feel, the font to be very consistent with the original logo. For the T-shirt art I have given an example, but it did not have the ProSpeed branded icon logo format. Please ask any questions that you might have
  • Jason Cenora9 months ago
    For the back of my T-shirt I want this logo, but with actual off-road tire tracks. I would like to see it as it is now and with my type set a ProSpeed off-road.
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