Suns Up - Showdown

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Target audience is adults 30-50yrs old.
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    Suns Up - Showdown
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    Target audience is adults 30-50yrs old.
    We are looking for an event design to place on merchandise (tees, hoodies, hats, etc.) for a platform tennis event. Platform tennis has different rackets than normal tennis (quick google search will show the difference). We are calling our event "Suns Up Showdown" with a focus on the "Showdown". The crossing paddles would be a very cool look, a lot of other tournaments use this feature. The event will be held at Olde Providence in Charlotte and looking to incorporate a nod to the club in the logo, but not the center of attention.

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    OP - Paddle Events2 months ago
    This event will also be held early in the morning and some players asked if a "broken alarm clock" could be incorporated somewhere in the design.
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    Thank you everyone for your designs!
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