Three Strand

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Christian Married Couples
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    Three Strand
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    Christian Married Couples
    BRIEF: THREE STRAND Relationships are critical to our emotional well-being. However, relationships are often toxic and filled with negative energy. We see this dynamic in almost every type of relationship. Often relationships end tragically. Mother against daughter, father against son, sibling rivalry, spouse against spouse and so on. Researchers have found that relationships succeed with one meaningful third element. That third element serves as a rock of support, guidance, and mediator to help two people win in relationships giving the relationship a solid true foundation of a HEART OF LOVE. Believe it or not this truth is an ancient truth that has long been forgotten. The goal is how to communicate this truth in a MODERN WAY that catches the attention of the viewers young and old through it’s a well-designed logo and crafted artwork. We are looking for a logo that communicates this message. Imagine three chords: A Rope/String that represents one person. A Rope/String that represents the 2nd person. A Rope/String that represents the 3rd person. All three with their unique identity remain intact. This is represented by each having three distinct colors, but they are all tied together in a HEART HARMONY OF LOVE AND STRENGTH. The three colors we want each to have are: • PURPLE • GOLD • WHITE This is a two-part logo. Artwork and the phrase: THREE STRAND We would like a cross to be a part of the artwork logo design also.
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