Pristine Golf

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Golf apparel brand. Target audience are 25-45 year old golfers.
  • Design Brief6 months ago
    Logo Name
    Pristine Golf
    Company Intro
    Golf apparel brand. Target audience are 25-45 year old golfers.
    Looking for “Pristine” to be in a nice cursive font, but needs to be legible. Also would like a 4-pointed star to dot the “I” in Pristine or in the middle of the “P”, or both. Whichever you think looks best. Not looking for anything flashy as far as colors. Important that the P looks good. Really like the idea of the star being inside of the P. The P will eventually stand alone on apparel such as hats and on polos.

    Reference Samples

  • Stewart Garrett6 months ago
    Legible, but a level of elegance. Thanks guys!
  • Stewart Garrett6 months ago
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