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People who like the beach, boating, water, fishing, and the country.
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    People who like the beach, boating, water, fishing, and the country.
    The "Shore" is the part of the logo that is targeting the beach folks and fishermen. The phrase is normally "Sure Enough" so we are creating this as somewhat of a country saying revolving around a water/boat/fishing/ beach vibe. I was thinking about toying around with the idea of the "ff" in Nuff being fish hooks but we are open to anything. We are designing this brand and plan to market in similar ways to the brands "Salt Life, Reel Life, and Vineyard Vines." We want this to be simplistic and incorporate the name in the logo. Nothing Blocky or big.

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    You guys can reach out to me with any questions. 240-577-8381
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