2023 NBHA Youth & Teen World Championships

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We are a barrel racing (horse) association. www.nbha.com
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    2023 NBHA Youth & Teen World Championships
    Company Intro
    We are a barrel racing (horse) association. www.nbha.com
    We have an annual event his July that always has a theme. We are building a logo for the front of a shirt (screen print) to sell. This year's theme is "There is a superhero in all of us". We do not want a horse element to the shirt. That is considered a little cheesy in our world. Needs to include: Superhero aspect/theme "2023" "NBHA" "Youth & Teen World Championships" "Perry, GA" Looking for a design that is catchy for youth but 100% desired by the adults too. The shirt we plan to use is a blue, but undetermined which blue yet so we have flexibility there.
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    Hello, design #20 is great. Can we revise it to work best on a blue backgrounds (like the blue background you have on design #21). I also like the gradient of inside of "NBHA" from design #22.
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