Zitzloff Lawn & Snow

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Lawn care maintenance & snow plowing company
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    Logo Name
    Zitzloff Lawn & Snow
    Company Intro
    Lawn care maintenance & snow plowing company
    I have attached our current Logo.... would like to incorporate in the Snowman with a weedwhip and grass. Also would like the Lawn font in a different font, maybe slanted or in cursive, and then the Snow in a "blue" color. I like the samples with the Black & Green and Black Background, but unsure they will look okay on a colored shirt other than black..too hot to wear black in summer. If there is a way to encompass the black more inside the design that may work too. I welcome your design thoughts. Can try adding tag line (if room for)... "Where Quality is Always in Season"

    Reference Samples

  • Cindy Zitzloff10 months ago
    I forgot to add our current logo per my message to you.
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