Calvert Drive-In Theater

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5 months ago
The Calvert Drive-In Theater is an outdoor drive in theater that was open from 1953 to 2021 before closing. We are reopening it and hope to continue what the previous owners had going for so long. The sign by the road is an arrow with the words "Calvert Drive-In". We want the new logo to add the word "theater" so that we are not confused with drive in diners. The Calvert Drive in was also known for their famous cheeseburgers. We want the new logo to look retro and preserve some of the nostalgia of drive in theaters. We also like the 1980s colors and style like the stranger things logo and font from the netflix show. We might also want to incorporate "since 1953" if it fits the logo. We would like the logo to possibly have a marquee and lighting around the marquee like one of the examples provided. We would like a full color version of the logo, but also a solid color logo for simple printing.
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