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LIL ( Love is Love) Marriage Officiant ,welcoming all races, religions and LGBTQ friendly. I want everyone to feel welcomed
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    Wedding Officiant
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    LIL ( Love is Love) Marriage Officiant ,welcoming all races, religions and LGBTQ friendly. I want everyone to feel welcomed
    NAME FOR LOGO UPDATE *I have made a correction for my Logo Name to "Love is love Marriage Officiant" instead of "wedding" . The name of my business is " Love is Love Marriage Officiant. I would like a monogram or abbreviation as " LIL"- for Love is Love Marriage Officiant. ( due to my business name being lengthy) I am looking for an elegant LOGO design , not "too busy" but at the same time I would like it to represent a welcoming feeling for everybody .Somehow incorporating a splash of rainbow color somewhere , while avoiding a tacky look. If rings are incorporated, I would like to avoid it looking like a male and female set . maybe more of generic rings, so that they do not represent one gender or another. I'm looking for a classy , all inclusive (for all people) design for my logo. I like the elegance of the sample logos I attached, but I want mine to be more simpler . Maybe the abbreviation LIL ( love is love) with two rings intertwined for the "Dot" of the letter " I " and possible having "Marriage Officiant" under "LIL" maybe a rainbow/colorful dot or design somewhere, something small . just a tiny area to represent LGBTQ/pride rainbow. not big at all, just a small spot somewhere . Open to other primary colors as well, although the gold does look elegant, I thinks gold , silver and a very small hint of rainbow would look great

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    monique8 months ago
    my apologies, I made a correction to my logo name, to Marriage Officiant , rather than Wedding Officiant. and I would somehow like a hint of rainbow color somehow incorporated.
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