Baby Girl Bakes

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"Dessert Boutique" that specializes in cake decorating.
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    Baby Girl Bakes
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    "Dessert Boutique" that specializes in cake decorating.
    Hello and thank you for helping me create a logo for my shop. Logo MUST HAVE A GIRL OR WOMAN BAKER WITH APRON. Please try not to use the attached images, as I do not own them and they are used often in other logos. They are just samples. - Logo needs to be trademarkable. - Light pink (as shown in sample), black, and white. NO BLUE! - BLONDE BAKER OR SILOHQUETTE with ponytail or pigtails. - Round in shape to fit on a round label. Thank you! We are a dessert boutique @babygirlbakes Thank you! :) Baby Girl Staya
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    Baby Girla year ago
    Thank you everyone for the beautiful designs. We truly appreciate it and will do a poll of all #4 & #5 stars to pick a finalist. If your image does no star rankings by now, it was not chosen to be a finalist. Will accept new entries until deadline. Thank you again!
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    Baby Girla year ago
    5 changes and you are finalist. 4 STARS... a change needs to be made to be finalist. (Black and pink or image needs to be tier cake.) Thank you
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    Baby Girla year ago
    Thank you all so VERY MUCH! We are posting this to our social media for a poll and will pick winner shortly. Thank you again and have a fabulous day! BG
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