Natural Glo Studios

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Hair styling salon targeting people wanting natural hair care and design.
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    Logo Name
    Natural Glo Studios
    Company Intro
    Hair styling salon targeting people wanting natural hair care and design.
    The logo attached is of a man and a woman, representing that Natural Glo is for both. The locs are designed to represent natural hair, loc'd or in our natural state. The variation of color represents Caucasian to African and all the shades in between. All of the above form the Tree of Life, deeply rooted and grounded.The background colors can be changed. Not sure if we want to change the color or the tree. Willing to look at alternatives.
    Natural Glo Logo.jpg
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    Penny Robinsona year ago
    Rev: Don't know if we are willing to change the color of the tree...light to dark. Want to polish this logo so that it can be represented on a store front sign, website, advertisements and products.
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