Unaweep Canyon Retreat

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3 months ago
Short term rental property that has rock climbing cliffs in the background
  • Design Brief4 months ago
    Logo Name
    Unaweep Canyon Retreat
    Company Intro
    Short term rental property that has rock climbing cliffs in the background
    Please mimic the uploaded picture with the house in the front and cliffs in the background. The house name is 'Unaweep Canyon Retreat'. The house theme is all about rock climbing, so you could possibly add in a rope, rock climbing holds, or carabiner. https://www.instagram.com/unaweepcanyon/
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    House 4.jpg

    Reference Samples

  • Bhaskar Shil selected as finalist!3 months ago
  • Indispensables3 months ago
    We like the font and overall design the best on #46. Can you make the following changes: 1. Can you change the dark green to HEX# 7a8d6e and the orange to HEX# 9cbcbc. 2. Switch the word 'Retreat' to the bottom and move the 'Std 2023 & Carabiner' to the top. 3. We might need to change the font for 'Retreat', and maybe change the color to the blue. 4. On the house, can you make the roof line above the garage a little thicker and the roof on the far right side thicker. I uploaded 2 images with the ideas I had, but am open to your suggestions especially in regards to the font for 'retreat'. I like the idea of a cursive style font, but also want it to be readable. Thank you!
    Idea 1.png
    Idea 2.png
  • Indispensables3 months ago
    Also, I like the gradient you have for the sky, but don't know how to do that. So please leave it as a gradient.
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