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Real Estate Brokerage. The Public
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    Logo Name
    Cates & Company
    Company Intro
    Real Estate Brokerage. The Public
    Navy and white colors only. I want to see different styles with the & only. No + or the word and spelled out please. Our current logo is attached, The Cates Group. I need to modify our current C logo to make it slightly more elegant but not ornate. I would like to see different fonts on the 2 words and some that are the same, maybe different sizes. NO HOUSES, ROOF TOPS OR KEYS I want Real Estate under Cates & Company like it is on our logo. I would like to see them straight across, stacked, offset and other ways to see what looks best. Thank you!
    name and logo.jpg
    name in a C shape.png
    offset stack.png
    Cates Main Logo with geotag.jpg
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