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Solar energy sales and marketing. Our target audience is homeowners who want to save money and go green.
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    Logo Name
    Electra Solar
    Company Intro
    Solar energy sales and marketing. Our target audience is homeowners who want to save money and go green.
    We want the logo to be simple, modern, and easy to read. We like the modernistic font used in "Ledoux Kitchens" or see attached for an example/idea of "Electra Solar" we have been working on. For COLOR: Please use the same gradient blue as shown attached with the Electra logo. I believe the gradient blue colors used are: 2254ab and 083ba0. If you can add a secondary color that goes well with it, we are open to ideas, maybe a shade of Orange for the word "SOLAR"? For FONT: The font we used is called "Lemon Milk Font", we love the sharpness of the letters, and the pointy "A" letter also. You can use the same font / something similar. We slightly spaced it out so the letters don't look cramped. We also would like something similar with the "lightning bolt" for the logo. This was found on Google and lightly edited but we like the concept. If you can create something similar, get creative.. we like how sharp the lightning bolt strikes also. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions - thank you!
    electra logo sample.png

    Reference Samples

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    Merri Avetisiana year ago
    Please feel free to get creative with the lightning bolt idea. We want something simple, futuristic, modern, clean, that goes well with the text also. Thank you!
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    Merri Avetisiana year ago
    BeeOne Electra Logo Revision.png
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