Ice-X Custom Lithium

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10 months ago
Make custom color powder coated lithium battery packs for golf carts.
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    Logo Name
    Ice-X Custom Lithium
    Company Intro
    Make custom color powder coated lithium battery packs for golf carts.
    we are open, and welcome, artists ideas and interpretation. Our initial thought was lightning bolts in the shape of the letter X with the word Ice on it somewhere then the "Custom Lithium" somewhere as well. Our color palette is orange with a medium to dark grey, and white. Our boxes will be powder coated orange stainless steel with the gray lettering and the logo we create. Outside the box creativity is perfectly fine. Open to all ideas and looks.
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    IceX Draft.jpg
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    Trevin Eckersley10 months ago
    Think outside the box guys. Some good early entries but they all kind of look the same. Get creative :) You have a blank canvas to express any and all ideas.
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    Trevin Eckersley10 months ago
    Update: See new attachment. Added a draft picture of something we came up with. Feel free to let your creativity run.
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