Clarksburg Town Center Tiger Sharks

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3 years ago
Community youth swim team
  • Design Brief14 years ago
    Logo Name
    Clarksburg Town Center Tiger Sharks
    Company Intro
    Community youth swim team
    we do not have font or style. you can get the color from our community website. It is a kids swim team so we want it to say competitive without being scary.
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    langster45. do not copy clip arts.
    ( ). give originals only.
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    arindam, I didn't know, I never seen that website before.
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    swinlogo14 years ago
    Comments by Deborah- I really like #3, #8, #11. I think #22/#23 could be good if we get another shark.
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    swinlogo14 years ago
    Comments by Alicia - I like 34 and 29. I would like to see 34 with shark face coming around in the purple part of the circle (right under the fin).
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