Revelations Tattoo

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Tattoo shop, upscale clientele
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  • Design Brief15 days ago
    Logo Name
    Revelations Tattoo
    Company Intro
    Tattoo shop, upscale clientele
    Black white and gold, something crisp and clean and easy to use on letterheads, garments, cards etc and that reads well small. Must include a cross.

    Reference Samples

  • Client7736915 days ago
    The cross is my signature cross, that general shape is what’s desired, but it can be thicker or embellished. But I am also open to a different cross that’s just inspired by that one
  • Client7736915 days ago
    Current logo, it’s just too busy and because of the design can only be used on dark backgrounds, I want something more versatile
    Revelations Tattoo-01.png
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