Cover Design for Children's Safety Coloring Book

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Parents and children
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    Logo Name
    Cover Design for Children's Safety Coloring Book
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    Parents and children
    I have no idea what I want - Something colorful with design, but that's easy on the eyes. The book is to prevent child sexual abuse so I don't think it needs pictures on the cover. Attached is something I put together quickly, but I don't like it at all.
    Refrigerator Art Book Cover.pdf
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    Jill Ostrove5 months ago
    The title of the book will remain the same - Child Safety Refrigerator Art and Coloring Book. Please place a TM after "Art." There also needs to be our company logo on te bottom, along with the copyright line. I have attached a couple versions of the company logo.
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    Jill Ostrove5 months ago
    Black Logo - Small.png
    eplace_logo_transparent - whiteblacke (002).png
    logo_transparent (002).png
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    Jill Ostrove5 months ago
    I'm open to pictures on the cover, I just don't know that it's necessary because of the topics. But definitely open. Thank you!!
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    Jill Ostrove5 months ago
    PLEASE DON'T RECOPY THE ATTACHMENT. I specifically am asking for a FULL redesign - style, colors, shapes, the entire look, as stated above. I do not just want the logo moved - I can do that myself. The logo and copyright need to stay in the bottom right corner - also as I stated above. Does nobody read instructions?
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    Jill Ostrove5 months ago
    I even said that I HATED the attachment I made. Why is everyone ignoring that and recopying the exact same thing??
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