So Cal Home Repair Services

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We provide home maintenance and repairs. We fix anything that is broken in people's homes.
  • Design Brief2 months ago
    Logo Name
    So Cal Home Repair Services
    Company Intro
    We provide home maintenance and repairs. We fix anything that is broken in people's homes.
    We already have a logo. It is more of a circular design. We want a second format that matches. The new version will be horizontal, short but wide, like the size to fit a bumper sticker.

    Reference Samples

  • Alison Johnson2 months ago
    So Cal Home.pdf
    So Cal Home-01.psd
  • Alison Johnson2 months ago
    Hello! Looking for this same design to be stretched out into a horizontal version. That was we have two matching designs for use with different branding projects. The size should be short, stretched out wide, as if it were being printed on a bumper sticker. The inspiration logos we chose are the horizontal style we are looking for. I have updated additional horizontal designs also.
  • Alison Johnson2 months ago
    Bumper stickers are usually ***3 (by) 11.5 inches. OR ***7.62 (by) 29.21 CENENTIMETERS Here is what I researched on graphic design sizes for horizontal logos. Not sure if it is correct, but I think it is. Thank you designers. We are excited to see what you come up with. =) Brad and Alison Whether logo sizes in websites are placed in the upper left, upper right, lower left, or any other placement, the normal size is 250 x 100 px, the horizontal size is 400 x 100 px, and the vertical size is 160 x 160 px.
  • Alison Johnson2 months ago
    Travel Inspo.jpg
    Car Inspo.jpg
    Coffee Inspo .jpg
    Suzuki Inspo.jpg
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