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This logo/words are for a 62' fishing yacht.
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    This logo/words are for a 62' fishing yacht.
    A "shotski" is a ski that you take shots from. We have a 62' viking fishing boat we are naming Shotski. We are looking for a cool logo to go on the stern of the boat (examples below) that incorporates that name. It can be a special play on the word design or include images as well.
    boat 3.jpg
    boat 2.jpg
    boat 1.jpg

    Reference Samples

  • Dustina year ago
    Seeing designs with a icon that looks like a target, just wanted to clarify the Shot is not a bullseye or anything like that, we are not looking for anything with that type of icon, it should incorporate the fishing theme or the actual Shotski theme. A shotski is a ski with shot glasses for taking drinking shots.
  • Dustina year ago
    If using fish images it should be an atlantic offshore type fish like a Marlin.
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    This is the kind of ski tip we are looking for
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