Braveheart Lacrosse

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This is for youth lacrosse uniforms (jersey and shorts) and maybe a t-shirt.
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    Logo Name
    Braveheart Lacrosse
    Company Intro
    This is for youth lacrosse uniforms (jersey and shorts) and maybe a t-shirt.
    Looking for 3 items, pretty easy I think but let me know: - Braveheart Lacrosse name as close as possible to match font of sample Highlanders Lacrosse. All caps I guess. - just BRAVEHEART in the new font (that matching the Highlanders Lacrosse font. - a mascot logo with the name BRAVEHEART in new matching font similar to highlanders mascot with the sword but open to similar them with lacrosse sticks.
    Braveheart Lacrosse Logo - 010523.jpg
    Braveheart Lacrosse Mascot - 010523.jpg
    Highlanders Lacrosse Logo.png
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    John Radera year ago
    Please match as close as possible the same font as the Highlanders Lacrosse example for just BRAVEHEART as a stand alone logo/word and for mascot logo as well, can be sword or lacrosse sticks etc.. and BRAVEHEART Lacrosse just like the Highlanders Lacrosse example font with line etc..
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