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Business Owners looking for SEO (search engine optimization) services.
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    Logo Name
    Rank Farm
    Company Intro
    Business Owners looking for SEO (search engine optimization) services.
    I'm not tied to the colors but I like the logo by Smart Farm (attached logo file). I was thinking maybe a dark green but I'll leave it up to you as far as the colors. We are an SEO (search engine optimization) company. SEO is basically means ranking a website higher on Google. We named the company rank farm because SEO is like planting seeds and watching it grow. I need a logo to reflect this.
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    Client71609a year ago
    Rank Farm is all about ranking websites for SEO. I really like the Smart Farm logo above, but these attached logos are also good. I want it to represent Search Engine Optimization, planting seeds, and watching your ranking grow.
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