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a year ago
We are a group of young eBay resellers who have come together and have formed an e-commerce company, we are still currently selling mostly on eBay. We sell a huge range of new and second hand items. We are not 100% sure exactly where our business will take us, as we are open to many different avenues but most of our revenue will come from online sales. With our branding we are wanting to target potential new contacts and clients to work with or potentially obtain stock from. This could be one off buys from the public, estates or retail overstock etc. We are all pretty social media savvy and have followings on Instagram and YouTube through our own personal branding. We will be utilising this a lot and looking to gain a young and interactive audience to our brand through sharing our business with others, mostly on Instagram. I'd say our branding 'buzz words' are - young, fun, experienced, knowledgeable, friendly, supportive, collaborative, accessible and interactive. Words that relate to our brand include - buying, selling, wholesale, circular economy and e-commerce.
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