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THE BRAND Established in 2022, Born This Way The Label is a premier designer for healthcare apparel and lifestyle brand. Born This Way reimagines apparel for independent women on the go. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to fit every woman, no matter the occasion. As a body-positive brand, all women were considered when creating each design. Precise fits and luxurious fabrics in a wide range of styles and silhouettes make Born This Way The Label effortlessly chic. Born This Way is a label beyond work and professional life. The brand is the perfect mix of casual and cool but with comfort in mind.    THE MISSION Proper chest support can be an intimate problem facing women of different shapes and sizes, so Born This Way The Label's mission is to empower women to embrace their beauty. Born This Way features inclusive sizes and leads meaningful conversations around positive body image, women's health and wellness, and normalizing beautiful and natural bodies of all sizes. In addition, it is Born This Way's commitment to continue looking for new and innovative ways to help the world and environment. 
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