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Solar energy sales and marketing. Our target audience is homeowners who want to save money and go green.
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    Logo Name
    Electra Solar
    Company Intro
    Solar energy sales and marketing. Our target audience is homeowners who want to save money and go green.
    Business Name: Electra Solar We want the logo to be simple, modern, and easy to read, like the "HEXAGON" example above. We also want to have a lightning bolt for the first letter "E" or somewhere in between the text (in the background). You can get creative with this design. I'll attach a few screenshots of ELECTRA SOLAR logos we have worked on, but not satisfied with. We want the ELECTRA SOLAR to be in all caps. We want the primary business color to be either BLUE or GREEN (not sure yet so you can design half and half). We want the lightning bolt to be YELLOWISH ORANGE. You can get creative with the lightning bolt idea. I've attached an example of ELECTRA SOLAR we have previously worked on, but we think the text is too chopped up. We want something similar, but easier on the eye. Feel free to get creative with your own ideas, and let me know if you have any questions!

    Reference Samples

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    Merri Avetisian16 days ago
    Hi team, we requested an extension to gather a few more ideas. See attached for examples of the font text we like. We want the text to be legible, simple, similar boldness to the fonts attached, and consistent with the other letters. (For the letter E's we DO NOT want it to be fully open like "Hexagon" text, we prefer more like "Ampire" text attached.) For the lightning bolt, we want it to be subtle in the logo text, maybe something like R design (attached) or if you can create a similar idea with the other letters. The proportions are off on the "electra R bolt" attachment, but it's just an idea to design from. Colors: For the ELECTRA text, we like the blue to green gradient, but are also open to exploring solid blue logo designs also. We like the SOLAR text in orange color. Please let us know if you have any questions! Thank you.
    Logo text fonts.png
    electra R bolt.png
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    Merri Avetisian16 days ago
    Also, we don't want an actual "icon" in the logo. Just the "ELECTRA SOLAR" text with a subtle lightning bolt going through one of the letters.
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    Merri Avetisian13 days ago
    Jonggol, please see attached for the logo I worked on with the R slightly thinner (can you please make it look more similar to this?). Also with the revisions I mentioned in the other chat. I tried attaching in the other chat, but it wouldnt let me. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you everyone for working on the designs.
    R fixed up (ElectRa).png
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