Lets Fudge

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Chocolate, Truffle Bars & More
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    Logo Name
    Lets Fudge
    Company Intro
    Chocolate, Truffle Bars & More
    we have our domain...LetsFudge.com purchased already. Looking for a logo with an image with a picture of Fudge as the BODY and it has legs, face, etc (like a dancing move) . Would like the text Lets Fudge and then towards the bottom of the image the word .com Perhaps have the fudge guy holding a Truffle bar or dancing on a Truffle dance floor P.s obviously the sample image uploaded is not really a pic of fudge but just wanted to show a visual The pics of fudge is close to what I want the "body" to look like
    sample image.pdf
    fudge 2.jpg
    Truffle Bars 2.jpg
    Truffle Bars.jpg
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