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Business is aimed toward travel/lifestyle.
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    Business is aimed toward travel/lifestyle.
    Hi, I need a logo very similar to the one I attached but without the numbers on the wings, and the "Y" part of the logo needs to be transformed in to the letter "M" somehow. The "N" part has to stay like how it is. Also, I like the silver and black, gold and black, and black and white versions of this such as the "Monarch" and "Black Label" company stock logos that I chose. In addition, I will need to have the following name: "MasculineNomad" placed underneath the logo in either a "serif" font or "formal script cursive" font not sure which one will look more suitable. I'm aiming for more private jet/airplane and not fighter jet, so no guns or anything like that. Thanks for your help!
    Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 7.27.58 PM.png

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