Over-the-Top Milkshake Bar

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2 months ago
My business is a milkshake shop that sells milkshakes that are more than basic. Customers will be able to purchase milkshakes that are 16oz and topped with whatever toppings they want. For example, there is a birthday milkshake that is drizzled with blue drizzle in the cup, birthday cake flavor ice cream on top of the drizzle in the cup, topped with a ton of whipped cream, a regular-sized cupcake nesting on the side of the rim of the cup, and the same drizzle used inside the cup drizzled on the whipped cream with a dash of sprinkles. The rim of the cup also has icing around the perimeter that has been covered with birthday sprinkles. My audience ranges from school-aged children to late 30 year old individuals.