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COMMERCIAL Real Estate Investors, Brokers, Insurance Agents, etc. Established, wealthy and elite individuals
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    Logo Name
    Line 1: CREI Line 2: CAPITAL GROUP
    Company Intro
    COMMERCIAL Real Estate Investors, Brokers, Insurance Agents, etc. Established, wealthy and elite individuals
    The logo should say: CREI CAPITAL GROUP BRANDMARK I would love for my logo to have a clean, distinct and ABSTRACT brand mark that very loosely represents a tree (specifically a strong, full tree. Like an oak tree that's been around for many years). The brand mark should be made of very clean, MODERN and minimalistic lines to where it doesn't actually look like a tree, until someone explains what it is. I do not want to look at my logo and immediately see a tree. The slogan of the company is "Today's seed. Tomorrow's shade" and it speak to planting seeds today when it comes to investing, being the thing that creates shade for you and your loved ones to sit under tomorrow when you reap the benefits of the seeds you planted. THE SLOGAN SHOULD NOT BE IN THE LOGO. Simply mentioning it for context. ---------- LETTERMARK I'd also like some distinct rendering of the name so that it can also stand alone and be a mark for the brand, when the brand mark (the tree) isn't present. The business' name (CREI) is actually the acronym for the individuals who we target and work with in our industry, so that word would definitely resonate with them to the point where, when they see it, they automatically connect with it. So we definitely want to brand the actual word CREI as well. I like the attached CBRE logo for the width of the fonts, so maybe something we can reference for loose inspo. However, the font/name/typeface will utimaltely need to match the look and feel of the brandmark (the tree) Attached are some loose examples of logos I've seen and liked that give the modern, abstract line art look and feel. ---------- COLOR, LOCKUPS AND APPLICATION The logo will need to look great in a gold gradient/foil overlay, as well as solid black and solid white. The brand mark and brand name will both need to look great as a lapel pin. Lock ups should show stacked vertical formatting, side by side horizontal formatting, formatting with the name only and formatting with the brand mark only
    CREI Logo

    Reference Samples

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