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We are a new construction business that specializes in decks and patios.
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    Logo Name
    DelWood Designs
    Company Intro
    We are a new construction business that specializes in decks and patios.
    *EDIT** After seeing some of the more simple more professional logos we would love to see more. We are still liking the bright green color with some black and gray. If a saw blade can be added and still be simple and professional that would also be great. I am looking for bright colors. Prefer bright green, but open to seeing a florescent blue or pink. I am attaching a couple of samples of logos that I like the most. I would like a saw blade somewhere incorporated and power tools. I would like to stay away from house silhouettes. (The green logo attached is the one we love the most) Please have the following included DelWood Designs LLC Construction 5416102110

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