Hot Rod shop of Fargo

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Hot Rod shop of Fargo is a small local hot rod shop, Full customs, service, show cars.
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    Logo Name
    Hot Rod shop of Fargo
    Company Intro
    Hot Rod shop of Fargo is a small local hot rod shop, Full customs, service, show cars.
    We are looking to redesign our logo. Current logo is located below. (Hot Rod Shop of Fargo) it is black, red and white. I'd like to update our logo with a feel for the 1970's, it still needs to be a logo for Hot Rod Shop of Fargo. Please disregard "What name do you want in your logo" that is simply our way to reference this throw back logo design. We want it to be a redesign of the Hot Rod shop of Fargo. I'd like to take our logo to the 70's, puffy writing, 70's feel. There is an iconic sign in downtown at our theater that just says FARGO, I'd like to be able to build that in if possible, if it dosnt work thats fine too. We will use our logo for screen printing so 2 or 3 colors would work best.
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