Company Name: "Royalty Promotions" Location: "Medellin"

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Sophisticated talent management agency, focused on the management of female models.
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    Logo Name
    Company Name: "Royalty Promotions" Location: "Medellin"
    Company Intro
    Sophisticated talent management agency, focused on the management of female models.
    Looking for a custom logo for a talent management agency. The logo will be white, on a black background, with a hint of champagne (black background, white logo, touch of champagne). Color Codes: Black #000000 White #FFFFFF Champagne #FCDAC7 The aesthetic we are looking for is luxurious, clean, and stylish. Ideally, the logo itself would use a crown. Additionally, the name of the company “Royalty Promotions” should be included in a stylish fashion, with the location of our office (ideally beneath the name of the company – see SAVIN logo example, how they used “Paris” – something similar would be great, but we are open to other ideas) We have included some logos which we like with similar styles. However, we would love to see some different variations or takes on these designs. Thank you!
    Logo Example 1.jpg
    Logo Example 2.png
    SAVIN logo example - location.jpg
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    Client757163 months ago
    Hi Ingepro, we like your design however we would like a few changes. 1. We would like to swap out the font (I have attached a photo of the font we would like to use). 2. We would also like to swap out the crown you used for something similar to this (image attached) 3. For the colors, lets use: Wreath and Crown - White Letters "RP" - Champagne (#ffd1d1) "Royalty Promotions" - Champagne (#ffd1d1) "Medellin" - White 4. Lastly, can you give us some options for the "RP" style. We don't really like the backwards R, is there any way you can give us a few options for styles on the letters "RP"? Thank you very much for your submission.
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