KFC Mini

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Kids Ministry for Church
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    Logo Name
    KFC Mini
    Company Intro
    Kids Ministry for Church
    We had a logo designed here years ago (but not showing anymore for some reason). We want the same logo, but with the new group name Mini's. I am showing you KFC, then 2nd logo is KFC Jr.. Do new logo like KFC Jr, but put paint splat for the name in lower left instead of lower right with Jr., and stretch the paint splat horizontally so you can make letting a little bigger than with the Jr logo..... and do the splat in a new color. Make the Mini's text playful (maybe balloon lettering? Please use the SAME logo KFC
    KFC Jr-1.jpg
    KFC Jr.pdf
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    Petramana year ago
    Sorry if this isn't clear... YOU MUST USE THE KFC.jpg logo as the base of the design. I want all 3 logos to match, but just with different name added and different color splat for the name. Thanks!
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